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Why not visit us at our chocolate factory?

We offer visitors to our two production sites in the canton of Glarus an exciting opportunity to experience at first hand the entire manufacturing process from the cocoa bean through to the handcrafting of our delicious confectionery specialities.

At the Schoggi-Erlebnis (Chocolate Experience) in Bilten, visitors can take an unguided interactive tour of the cocoa bean’s route from the countries of origin through to the finished chocolate. A glass gallery at the centre of the factory provides a fascinating, up-close insight into the chocolate manufacturing process as well as lots of information and opportunities for tasting. At the Ennenda factory, a guided tour takes visitors right to the heart of the chocolate production, where our famous truffles, chocolates and confectionery specialities are lovingly handcrafted.


The Schoggi-Erlebnis and the factory shops in Bilten are open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. Visitors are not required to register beforehand. Admission costs CHF 5, but this amount will be deducted from the price of any purchases you make in the adjacent factory shop.

Schoggi-Erlebnis & factory shop

Grabenstrasse 8

8865 Bilten


Tours of the Ennenda production site take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Visitors are required to register, which can be done using the online form at www.laederach.ch. There is a minimum age limit of 14 and admission costs CHF 5. A maximum of 15 persons can participate in each tour. Tours will only take place if at least eight persons have registered.

Confiseur Läderach AG

Bleiche 4

8755 Ennenda

Further information can be found at www.laederach.ch. We look forward to seeing you!